Open Workflow detail box sealing machine

&Nbsp;    Open box machine also said carton automatically forming back machine, both the machine can will originally flat of carton sucking synthesis carton of shape, and will carton of Xia end of for seal collection, while the machine has drive device, can will open good of carton conveying to Xia a work link, is enterprise automation production job of preferred equipment, following is open box machine work of process:
    &Nbsp;    1, snap-link. Working out of the box the first step is to attract links, when the user will make a good flat cardboard boxes into the hopper after right out of the box opportunities to use his suction hopper boxes sucked in when closing and will have a pull back of forces, the force's role is to step on flat cardboard boxes into carton.
        2, folding at the end. When unpacking the first step after the work is completed, the carton has basically taken shape, is folded at the end of the work is required, the steps and folding lid sealing machine folding lid similar to equipment under cardboard boxes will be equivalent to the two short sides at the end of the first, and equivalent to the long side, so that the folded at the end of the work as a whole is all over.
        3, back cover. Relative to the first two steps right out of the box this is the back cover is very simple, it works with standard-type sealing machine the same principle by sealing belt drive no cardboard boxes along, in the process of moving, the device will be the bottom of the box with packing tape seals well, conveying to the next area.
        above is right out of the box workflow and seemingly very simple, but to achieve it, all aspects of the needed equipment and closely cooperate with right out of the box sizes, speeds out of the box, back cover effects, stable performance of the machine has a high degree of technical requirements, keep these factors in order to achieve perfect out of the box operation.
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