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Please use this Web site (the "site"), read these terms of use carefully before!

a. contractual basis

all have legal qualification of industrial, commercial and trade customers or individuals may obtain our catalogues. Our acceptance of any order shall comply with the conditions of sale. Unless our prior written consent, the other articles are not applicable.

b. commitments

require Hangzhou business sales orders for goods shall be deemed to the buyer under this (sale) conditional offer to purchase goods, Hangzhou, and should be entirely up to businesses to decide whether to accept.

PHEMU reserves the right to technical development and model updating. For possible printing errors and website editing errors cannot constitute a claim is based. Color in the catalogue may vary from printed or display reasons and real color.

c. delivery

delivery terms according to the catalogues of specific commodities in inventory and customers and we agreed in writing prior to the delivery of transport mode to be determined. Under normal circumstances, delivery of Hangzhou founding location specified for the Hangzhou business logistics centre or other place of business address request for home delivery, Hangzhou business agent for logistics and transport. Identifies the date of delivery of the Hangzhou business working days. Hangzhou Foundation presented to the customer, any date of delivery dates or times are only estimates and may not be considered as our contractual obligations. Customer shall provide itself with the tools of discharge.

d. price

pricing with Hangzhou founding special quotations issued by the authorized sales representative (with Hangzhou Foundation offers special) as a benchmark, the offer is clearly identified in the quotation, price be updated at any time. Publicity prices are inclusive of VAT (17%) and administrative costs (pay and duties to implement the delivery). Unless otherwise specified by the directory, price means the price per unit of goods, not including decorations and transport agent handling that occurs to the icons, transportation costs. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

e. \ replacement back

Hangzhou Foundation to assure the customer, unless otherwise specified, within 90 days from the purchase date, in the case of normal use, all products are free from defects in workmanship or materials. Within 90 days from the purchase date, if customers find defects, from Hangzhou business choose a replacement or repair. Customers shall be accompanied by the invoices and related documents. Products in the existence of defects in materials or workmanship, determined by the Hangzhou business. Repair or replacement of Hangzhou business customers may provide full compensation. In addition to the above guarantees, Hangzhou Foundation does not make any other warranties.

directory list of product misuse, improper or catalog product defect claims stemming from improper application or warranty claims, Hangzhou Foundation does not assume any responsibility. In addition to Hangzhou founding clear guarantees, Hangzhou ye not made except as provided in applicable laws any implied or other warranties.

purchase any current Foundation product in Hangzhou, in the case of normal use, within 15 days, as long as the product packaging, quantity is accurate and does not affect the sales again, unless otherwise provided, the customer may return. Also required to refund the invoice and related documents. If a VAT invoice has been issued, customers also will refund the VAT invoices issued or the scarlet letter of VAT application form.

f. price payment

payment by cash, telegraphic transfer or other approved manner (all payments for only RMB).

1) paid by cheque; 2) payment on delivery; 3) 3\10\15\30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

g. retention of title

as the law allows, all delivered within the scope of the law applicable to the following retention of ownership provision: that the ownership of the goods to pay the price of the goods shall not be transferred to the customer. In routine transactions, the customer is entitled to the retention of title goods processing, modification or disposal. Customers for resale, modification or processing of claims should be obtained as to our commodity price guarantees for us. Processing or transformation to the retention of title goods, generally as a producer should be considered as our, but does not constitute any obligation. If our loss due to the processing or transformation of the ownership, then the processing or alteration of co-ownership of the new thing shall transfer to us.

h. acceptance of goods

after receipt of the product should check to make sure it is not defective. There are obvious flaws, the consignee shall, not later than the 3rd after the receipt of the goods by notice in writing to the company, hidden defects shall be notified as soon as possible. Damage due to transport of goods, shall also be notified to us, so as not to affect our claim by a transport company.

I. limitation of liability

unless otherwise expressly provided by the directory, our catalog merchandise offers commodities risk transfers to the customer for a period of 12 months of quality guarantee. Quality assurance provisions shall not apply to normal wear and tear of these situations. Claims due, we will, where appropriate, related to repair the product free of charge within the warranty period to eliminate defects or provide non-defective merchandise. If the customer has used or otherwise leads commodities repair is impossible or difficult, we are having to bear the above maintenance obligations. Cannot be repaired within a reasonable period, customers may request a reasonable reduction in the price or the possible dissolution of the contract and to claim damages. Based on claims arising out of damage include: intent, gross negligence, breach of contract essential obligations expressly provided, does not fulfil the mandatory responsibility for quality assurance and other legal provisions such as mandatory provisions relating to product liability. Our liability is limited to the typically foreseeable losses that may arise, unless in case of wilful default. Of negligence causing death, bodily injury or health damage claim, the above limitation of liability does not affect. The mandatory liability provisions should be applied. In addition, we do not assume any responsibility. In addition to the above any other warranty and/or liability (including, but not limited to damages) shall be expressly excluded. Regardless of the above warranties or responsibilities are what kinds, and regardless of what causes.


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