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Hangzhou Foundation packaging equipment limited is a specifically engaged in carton seal box machine, and automatically seal box machine, and tape seal box machine, and seal box device, and manual seal box machine, and angle side seal box machine, and workers font seal box machine, and folding cover seal box machine, and around drive seal box machine, and automatically folding cover seal box machine, and automatically open box machine equipment, and tape automatically seal box machine, and packaging mechanical development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprise. Is the automated packaging professional production companies. Has introduced the automatic folding of the leading Cap sealing machine, automatic alignment edge sealing machines, Adaptive-shaped sealing machine and carton sealing and strapping machine, excellent products. While many large domestic and foreign enterprises in design, planning and manufacture of automatic unpacking, packing, sealing, packaging lines. Foundation products have won many of the world's top 500 enterprises in China favored and affirmation.

as a company focused on automated conveyor equipment, packaging machinery and research and development of enterprises, in the practice of many years of research and development, the Foundation has accumulated rich experience, long-term commitment to provide leading technology, quality and excellence for the manufacturing automation equipment sustained commitment to manufacturing and logistics industry and logistics efficiency and package upgrade and improvement of quality. Hangzhou founding packing equipment company with independent product development team, several with middle and senior professional titles and experience a wealth of scientific and technical personnel, continuous product improvement and development of new products, always follow the international advanced level, continuous innovation.

Meanwhile, the company set up technical service centers in major cities, equipped with a powerful and professional sales and service team, to provide strong technical support and timely service.

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