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Sealer should be consistent with the food safety related regulations

development of sealing machine in China for many years, is going relatively well over the years, also became a major part of packaging machinery. Sealing machines for food package most in China, and countries are now implementing food quality and safety market access system, food packaging equipment to food quality and safety market access system, which is a sealer provides a good environment for the development.

sealer sealer tape sealed carton sealing, fast, easy adjustment, can be a complete upper and lower sealing action, or in printed tape, greater product image, so widely used in the field of food packaging, packaging plays an important role. Sealing machine is used, give full play to the efficient performance of the device

sealing machines subject to the relevant provisions, if improperly used, problems with machines, sealing machines there is a close link between the parts, one part failure can affect the normal operation of the equipment. Cartons are not good, things will leak out.

most in buy seal box machine of when, compared concern of is seal box machine of price, they cannot from professional angle to analysis mechanical bad, not know how identify seal box machine whether easy, if seal box machine only a pneumatic components, a began is normal of, but with has a time on will appeared upper and lower sealing rubber on not align, sealing deformation, problem. So buy a sealer should not only think in terms of price, the customer should collect more information, understand the composition of sealer, affordable place to buy good quality machine

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