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Sealing machine in China will become the world's dominant supplier

Global is now focusing on the development box sealing machine, sealing machine is used more and more widely. Automatic sealing machine is likely to be the next usher result in growth of new industries. In 2014 China will become the world's largest market demand for sealing machine, sealing machine in China brings opportunities.
sealing machine is in unprecedented opportunities, with policy dividends, transformation and upgrading of the industrial demand as well as opportunities. First, sealing machines to industrial transformation and upgrading will contribute to the development of high-end equipment. Traditional manufacturing powers rather than manufactured powerhouse in China, changes in the domestic and international economic environment will force industrial transformation and upgrading, China's manufacturing industry will rely on manpower and resource transformation from comparative advantages to rely on total factor productivity. Sealing machines to high-end equipment is essential for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Second, the aging trend will release capacity. In addition, the business model innovation will accelerate the process of industrialization.
good sealing machine development in China now, but there is a lot of space. Foreign companies have advanced advantages, so most of them follow the path of imitation. But was developed to imitate is not feasible. Foreign high-end sealing machine itself has a large-scale production advantages, while maintaining product advantages to mature simultaneously with falling prices, the domestic development of sealing machine is a great challenge. Industrialization of domestic investment is inadequate, research and industry development discrepancy, it is difficult to form a real industrial competitiveness.
sealing machine company in the world based on must be self-developed sealing machine, build brands, increase market competitiveness. Become influential mainstream providers in the world.
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