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Sealing machines for research and development should be adapted to the packaging machinery, and flexible

Now packaging the market demand up to a certain level, so the sealer should adapt to the current market environment, in research and development to adapt to the process of supporting other packaging machinery, in order to best meet the diversified market.
sealing machine in routine production work using high frequency, in the process of production of packaging requires sealing machine with automatic recognition function. This automatic recognition
packaging material thickness, hardness, resilience, and feedback to adjust the range of motion of manipulator by computer, promise not to bounce. On the, different of products, has different of shape, like has round of cookies, square of instant noodles,, loaded in a box in the, line passed of products is disorder of, available probe sweep swab determine different shape of material location, again feedback to different of manipulator, it will accurate to will items by accurate of location and the direction into tray in the, fast and associate, excluded artificial operation of Visual and the finger of fatigue.
sealing machine also needs to have high flexibility, sealing machine in conjunction with the production line need to be allowed in packaging size may change within a certain size range. Packaged product life cycle much shorter than sealing machine, sealing machine change of the need to be flexible to accommodate changing product, which does not require regular replacement of sealing machines and other related equipment.
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