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Sealing machine troubleshooting

1. sealing machine clip nails too slow or clip trip: the bolt is loose, front-buttoned or machine wear. Bolts can be tightened at this time, pay attention to the correct position of the front buckle. Can also replace the front clasp or plate piece, after these actions have been completed, and test its functionality, if the trip was too short before the tune up button axis, if you slow down before the tuning button shaft;
2. piston rod leak: bottom ring is damaged. Rings should be replaced at this time.
3. exhaust leak: switching valve ring or ring or piston ring of corruption. Replace the ring.
4. trigger leakage: switch valve ring or ring damage. Replace the ring.
5. drive ring loose cannot be located: steel and the drive spring inelastic. Remove the combination plate, and install or replace your plastic spring shoots back and drive spring

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